Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How to make a home made of Lasagna

a. A cook Lasagna

b. A layer of parmesan Cheese with chilies to add flavor

c. A layer of Mozarella Cheese

d. A layer of Nachos

How to make a home made of Lasagna

1. Two packets of Mozarella Cheese
2. A packet of parmesan shredded cheese
3. 3 packets of Nachos
4. A bottle of bolognaise
5. 100 gm of mince meat
6. Olive Oil
7. Chilies

Way to Cook:
a. Cook the meat with two table spoon of olive oil.
b. Add bolognaise and cook two mins with cooked mince meat
c. Prepare a tray and pour bolognasie with mince meat a layer.
d. Put a layer of Nachos
e. A layer of cheese
f. Repeat the process for three layers and put a layer of Mozarella
g. Cook for 20 mins until lasagna turn brownish..
h. Cool it of and eat.... :P

By Courtesy of Tok Kebayan

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delcious when hot